Mommo-ments: An Open Letter to All Moms on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and we all know that every day should be Mother’s Day but, of course, Moms would never let that happen (they are generally too busy being Moms for that). So we are doing our best to honor Moms in every stage of Motherhood this week with open and honest dialogue about the hardships that come with motherhood as well as the beauty and celebrations.

Just a few of our amazing Stylists pictured with their moms and their kids.

Piphany would not be what it is without all the amazing Mothers that are a part of this company. One particularly impressive Mother happens to be our CEO’s wife, Sue Peterson. She has raised SIX women and has somehow managed to stay quite sane and humble through it all. Below you’ll find an open letter to all moms from a true veteran:

When I was a younger mom I hated Mother’s Day—I mean hated. “Why?” you ask? Because I felt like a total failure as a mother. My sister-in-law felt the same way, and we would call each other on the dreaded day to commiserate on how much we wanted to lobby Congress to have the horrid, card-company-driven day abolished. 

Some time has passed, the nest is empty, and even though I felt like I mostly failed in my mothering attempts, my girls are pretty awesome. They are responsible adults and take care of their loved ones. Are they perfect? Heck no (none of us are), but they are trying to be good people. 

One day I commented on how much disappointment I felt concerning my mothering efforts, and one of my girls became very offended.

"So you think we’re a failure?" 

Quickly I answered, "No! You are great women!" 

"Then how can you call yourself a failure as a mother and  not imply we are failures too?"

She had me cold and shut me up fast. 

My question to you is this: Do you have great kids? I’m pretty sure you answered yes. Then how can YOU be a failure? Are you a perfect mom? No—no one is—but I’ll bet you try. Have you ever started your day by rolling out of bed and saying, "Today I’m going to do my level best to mess up my kids." I’m guessing you haven’t. I never did either. Some days I was Mother of the Year, and other days I was Mother Please Disappear.

So as Mother’s Day approaches, hold your head up high because you’ve kept your kids alive for another year. Well done! (We take the little victories.)

Girls 1994ish-10.jpg

Sue’s Girls Circa. 1994—When Denim was Big

Piphany's VP of Design, Rachael, and Sue Peterson (the CEO's wife) get real about what it's like to be a mother. The good, the bad, and even the snot.


Becoming a mother often changes bodies and sometimes it’s hard to feel comfortable and cute at the same time. We compile some of our favorite pieces below that have been tested and approved by mothers from all walks of life:

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