Piphany's Leadership Retreat '19

Last month the leaders of Piphany came together from all over the country to dream about the future of Piphany. We met with the top leaders and sellers of Piphany in the beautiful headquarters of Salt Lake City to share the vision and spirit of the company with each other.

Piphany Leadership Retreat Video

Our CEO, Joe Ford, and CCO/Lead Designer, Rachael Domingo, shared exciting future plans and enjoyed spending face to face time with our amazing Stylists. We also had the pleasure of hearing messages of encouragement and support from our board members, Curt Bracken and Ken Porter.

After a morning of meetings, note taking, and announcements, we headed to a true-west destination, the Cox Family Farm (the CEO’s family farm). There we shared laughter and time with animals, friends, food, and took some beautiful pictures in the golden sunset.

We love seeing our Piphany community growing stronger and more enthusiastic with each day. We look forward to our next gathering and to the new faces who will be there, adding to who we are.

With much love and gratitude, we lift up our top sellers, leaders, and their teams and look forward to an amazing future together!