The Inaugural Piphany Cruise 2019

Dear Piphany Friends, Family, Stylists and Customers,

It has officially been a week since our first ever PIPHANY CRUISE! What an amazing experience it was to share laughter & love. It was a much needed time for all of us to unwind, recharge and best of all - make priceless memories to last a lifetime.

We love this poem describing the experience written by our CEO’s wife, Sue Peterson:

Ship-top movies
Bathing beauties
Endless ice cream
Karaoke extreme
Plentiful buffet
Lots of horseplay
Jack’s finish lines
Rachael’s designs
Simmer in hot tub
Sizzle in nightclub
Half pizza slabs
Growing bar tabs
Dressing up fine
Spot the coastline
Brave water slide
Nightly fine dine
Love being social
Marriage proposal
Lively dance floor
Excursions to shore
Invade Key West
Took time to rest
Take Cozumel
By raising hell
A time to remember
Repeat in November!

As you can see, four days of Cruising the Sea with PIPHANY meant massive amounts of good times for everyone!

Our cruise ship the ‘Victory’ took us to Key West where our CEO Jack Peterson and our CIO, Tyson Mietus rode bikes and our stylists reported the most amazing Key-lime Pie – mmmmm.

Our lead designer, Rachael Domingo, and Piphany Stylist, Madi Parkinson, both brought their 6yr. old daughters, Mia and Charlotte. They all shared a magical time on the white sand beaches of Cozumel Mexico. The girls loved watching tropical fish swim happily in clear water. They all relaxed and played and the day ended with a brilliant sunset over the water.

We loved seeing all of our Piphany Teams shining bright. Piphany Stylists, Jamie Ward and Ali Nguyen said their favorite thing about the Piphany Cruise experience was watching as our stylists formed unbreakable bonds and enjoying camaraderie like never before.

The Piphany Cruise was a way of showing appreciation to not only our incredible community of hard working stylists, but also to honor the special people in their lives. Every cruise-qualified* Piphany stylist was allowed to bring one guest along for the ride. We loved meeting husbands, wives, siblings, mothers, fathers and best friends who made our time all the merrier.

Watching couples, friends and teams full of smiles, Pina Coladas, dancing, singing and soaking in the sights of endless blue was just what we all needed. You’ll be sure to find numerous highlights and stylist posts of the trip through Instagram and Facebook by searching the hashtags:

#PiphanyCruise, #PiphanyCruise, #PiphanyFriends, #PiphanyFreedom, #PiphanyFashion, #PiphanyTeam, #PiphanyParty, #PiphanyFUN & #CruisingtheSeaWithPiphany.

*We’d love you to join us for our next Cruise in November 2019! Talk to a #PiphanyStylist about what it takes to get on board!

A huge thanks to EVERYONE who came along. And especially our Piphany Stylists who sure rocked the ship!

As our cruise captain, Fernando, would say:

Ciao for now!

~ The Piphany HQ Team