Our mission is to outfit individuals with the means and personal power to fashion their own lives. 


Our Values

We care and we serve.

We empower others. 

We succeed when you succeed. 

We take ownership.

We listen, learn and improve. 

We have integrity.

We are innovative. 

We develop leaders.

We are fun. 

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Why Piphany?

A revolution is taking place in the world of fashion... and Piphany is leading the way. Our approach to creating stylish essentials that fit every body type is truly unique and offers an unparalleled experience in the world of social selling. By combining modern clothing design with sophisticated technology, we make selling easier for you. The result? Drop shipments from our warehouse. No more inventory to manage. No shipping and returns hassles. And plenty of freedom to live a balanced life.



Modern style essentials for every body type.



A social platform that is easy to learn,
share, and embrace.



Exclusive limited edition release styles.



Unique and memorable fashion approach.



Attainable and accessible combinations for everyday moments.


Behind the Design

Led by award winning fashion designer & stylist Rachael Domingo, our world-class design team oversees each Piphany piece from inception to completion. Every unique style is carefully brought to life starting with research, inspiration, and a design sketch. Rachael’s life-ready approach to designing the Piphany line ensures that you will find beautiful clothing that not only looks amazing on - it will fit your lifestyle too.

Modern essentials for every body type—it’s our promise to you. Our exclusive, limited-edition designs are beautiful and timeless, yet ever-evolving. Start with one of eight core pieces from our Recut Program to create effortless appeal. Build from there with each new silhouette release to achieve the wardrobe you have always dreamed of. We encourage everyone live in balanced, so with Piphany you can count on moderate, (non- inflated) price points, allowing you to afford all that life has to offer. Designing your wardrobe (and life!) has never been easier—or more exciting.

Try on a Piphany piece and experience the joy of dressing again!

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